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Interview mit NoWay Studio zu C.O.R.E. (O-Ton)


Dies ist die englische Originalfassung unseres Interviews mit dem NoWay Studio über den DS-Egoshooter C.O.R.E.. Die deutsche Übersetzung findet ihr hier.


Nintendo-LAN.de: First of all thanks for the opportunity to interview you. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

NoWay: We are Noway Studio from Warsaw, Poland. Our company is a young but fast growing games developer which is striving to bring best quality and fresh ideas to the consoles. My name is Lukas Zarnowiecki and I am a lead programmer working as a project manager of the game C.O.R.E.


Nintendo-LAN.de: You’re working on a first person shooter called C.O.R.E. for Nintendo DS, which is supposed to be released in Q4 2008. Please inform us briefly what the game is about?

NoWay: C.O.R.E. tells the story of a US Marine sent to discover the mysteries behind the door of a top secret US Army lab complex built to research the effects of the meteor crash from years ago. The gruesome discoveries of the marine are emphasized by sinister interior of the complex while the heavy music escalates the ever-intensifying action and dark morbid ambiance.

We will finish entire game development in the second quarter of 2008.


Nintendo-LAN.de: You’re already working on the project for over 10 months. How many people are involved with the game?

NoWay: C.O.R.E. has got its own team of seven people dedicated to this project. We all share the passion for advanced games solutions and strive to use the maximum potential of hardware features.


Nintendo-LAN.de: Will the controls be similar to Metroid Prime Hunters? Or do you not use the touchscreen in that way?

NoWay: Our system will be based on the similar solutions as it was in the Metroid Prime Hunters. We have tested several different games during development time and decided to pick best control options. We have improved them to make the game as smooth as possible.


Nintendo-LAN.de: The screenshots look fantastic. But what about the frame rate, which is also very important for first person shooters? From a technical standpoint, what are you most proud of?

NoWay: As I said, our team consists of best technicians who all play games. As heavy players ourselves we know where to put extra effort and definitely frame rates ratio is one of them. As always in such a case we have to compromise between two priorities – amount of graphical details and efficiency.

We have chosen to underline the fluency and game dynamics in the multiplayer mode. All the game features are optimized in a way to keep the game very dynamic. The single player is more diversed. In some places we focus on the graphics and games‘ special climate, so maybe the game is not that dynamic as multiplayer but it is always smooth and fast.

Among technical features that we perceive as really outstanding we would like to underline very efficient indoor/outdoor rendering engine with dynamic textures streaming and mipmapping, dynamic lighting, multitude of special effects and dynamic, interactive environment.


Nintendo-LAN.de: Id Software recently indicated that they are working on a Wolfenstein and a Quake game for DS. Do you see the competition as something good (keyphrase: expanding the target group) or do you fear that those games could overshadow C.O.R.E.

NoWay: We believe that there is great gap in the field of well done NDS shooters. Market demand in this field is big so we welcome news about upcoming games rather positively. We don’t take Id software as a competitor. WE are fans of their games ourselves. We think that Id Soft has got very different approach towards DS FPS games then we have. More then that Wolfstein and Quake will be typical conversions of PC games (or very similar to them). Our game is based on new concept and design. We believe that players who like this genre will enjoy both, upcoming Id Soft games and our title.


Nintendo-LAN.de: C.O.R.E. will also feature a multiplayer. How many maps and modes can we expect? Will it use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for online matches and stats, because there is a huge amount of DS owners longing for a online alternative to Metroid Prime Hunters!?

NoWay: We plan to give to our players three different multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Arena and Capture the Flag. There will about 10 different maps designed for them. Multiplayer will give the possibility to play with a few friends using one card. However we are considering seriously Nintendo Wi-Fi connection for online gaming, the final decision will be done together with the publisher. The worlds and maps designed for multiplayer will not be aligned with the story of the game. Since we aim to give our players best advance gaming experience many of them will have special features like rocket jumps or jump-pads.


Nintendo-LAN.de: What kind of weapons can we expect? Anything special?

NoWay: As big fans of classic shooters ourselves we design carefully the arsenal of weapons. We will present a great choice of 8 types of guns, including classics such as: blaster, shotgun, and plasmagun or rocket launcher. What I can add is that some of them will have alternative fire options and optical zoom. In special cases there will be possibility to use weapons together with the items like flashlight.


Nintendo-LAN.de: Have you already found a publisher for C.O.R.E.?

NoWay: We have signed the letter of intend with Conspiracy Europe for European publishing righs. We have presented our game to about 20 interested publishers at Game Connection in San Francisco. We haven’t signed any cooperation agreements for Nort America yet, but I think that this moment is coming within next months.


Nintendo-LAN.de: Do you find it strange, too, that there are so few first person shooters out on DS yet, although the touchscreen offers the best possible control option for a handheld and although the genre is still very popular? What could be the reason for that?

NoWay: The gap for FPS games for Nintendo DS is clearly visible. On the one hand we have great console with unique features like the touchscreen on the other there are quite a few NDS limitations, like very small memory or polycount hardware limitations.


Nintendo-LAN.de: What do you think of Nintendo Wii? Would you agree with us, that the brand C.O.R.E. could also be great on Nintendo’s current home console?

NoWay: We consider Wii as a console with amazing potential and for sure we would like bring C.O.R.E. to this platform. It’s a bit early to give precise answer but we plan to certify as Wii developer (maybe even this year).


Nintendo-LAN.de: Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

NoWay: We hope that with our game and its special features we will satisfy even the most demanding DS players around the world. We look forward to your feedback and we hope to continue with C.O.R.E. as a title.


Nintendo-LAN.de: Thank you very much for the interview!

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