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Interview mit Samus... ähm... Jenni Källberg




10do: Please introduce yourself to our readers.


Jenni Källberg: Hellooo! My name is Jenni and I’m a cosplayer since 1999 who recently got the honour to represent Samus for an ad for Metroid Trilogy in Germany.



10do: Browsing through the galleries on your site www.pixelninja.se it’s very obvious that modern Japanese culture like mangas and animes as well as videogames are your main inspiration. How did you come to this hobby? And is it your profession in the meantime?


Jenni Källberg: It’s just a hobby. I guess it all started when I began to learn sewing during textile craft in school. Being a big nerd I preferred to make cloths that were from video games and Anime series because I found the design more interesting and fun to make rather than normal cloths.


A few years later I moved to Stockholm and started to cosplay at the conventions being held there, and it’s just continued after that.



10do: How do you choose a character to paint or to cosplay? Are those characters automatically from your favourite games, mangas etc, or are other aspects more important such as design possibilities or current fashion?


Jenni Källberg: Mostly it’s because I like both the character and the design, but I might choose a character just because of personality or design as well. I have been thinking about cosplaying as a character from Magna Carta for example just because I’m a big fan of Hyung Tae Kim characters designs.



10do: Most of our readers know who you are because of your Samus Aran cosplay photos and the recent Metroid Prime Trilogy ad campaign by Nintendo. How did this collaboration happen?


Jenni Källberg: Nintendo of Europe contacted me and asked if I would be interested to follow them on a press tour + photoshoot for the Metroid Prime Trilogy game which I of course said yes to. It was such a big honour to be able to represent my favourite female character ever! ^o^



10do: What is your connection to the Metroid series? Is it more interesting for you to cosplay a mysterious heroine like Samus Aran than someone whose character facets are very obvious and clearly defined?


Jenni Källberg: I like that Samus Aran is very mysterious, but from a cosplaying view, I don’t wanna say I prefer to cosplay a character that is a certain way. For me it all depends on the whole picture; the characters background + personality + design + what connection I get with the character when I play a game/watch an anime etc.



10do: What are your alltime favourite games on Nintendo platforms and why?


Jenni Källberg:

  • Zelda 3
  • Super Mario World
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Mario 3
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Mario Galaxy
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Okami

I started playing games when I got my first 8-bit Nes console, so many of my favourites are still the old school games.


Why I love these games? –Because they’re great in every way with high quality in story, gameplay, graphics, music, with high replay value and offering a lot of entertainment for the money. At the moment I’m playing Dead Space: Extraction and Muramasa which so far are great as well



10do: With mangas and animes becoming more and more popular in Europe, the number of cosplayers is constantly increasing as well. At gamescom in cologne over 300 cosplayers attended at one day. What do you think is the reason for the popularity of Japanese culture among European kids and young grown-ups?


Jenni Källberg: I think the reason is because there is such a wide variety of animation and comics that appeals to everyone. And it’s hard not to fall in love with the Japanese culture



10do: Speaking of mangas and animes: What are your favourites?


Jenni Källberg: My favourite mangas are Blade of the immortal and Gantz. As for anime, I don’t really watch anything right now, but my favourite animes are:Hunter X Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin, the Ghibli movies, Dragon Ball, Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist and Doraemon.



10do: At least here in Germany, it seems that the growing popularity of Japanese culture doesn’t lead to more variaty of animes on TV. In most cases only the mainstream stuff like Dragon Ball and Naruto is broadcasted and those series are even censored to make them more suitable for the kids program in the early afternoons. How is the situation in Sweden and do you think that one day also more mature und complex works will be shown?

Jenni Källberg: It’s the same here. We had sailor moon airing in TV a few years ago but even though it was censored people still complained it was too violent so they stopped showing it. Right now they only show Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh.


It would be great if they would show more complex works so people could see the great range of anime there really is out there, but I doubt it will happen anything on the Swedish TV anytime soon.



10do: Coming back to Nintendo for a last question: Both current platforms, the Wii and the DS, are very successful. What do you think about Nintendos way of trying to get casual and core players in one boat? Are you happy with the available and announced games?


Jenni Källberg: I’m happy with it. I know many people complain about the Wii having too many casual games but I really think there are many great games available and announced for the Wii, and I find many of these casual games very clever and fun. Of course it depends on your personal taste, but for me, being the owner of all 3 current-gen consoles I find that the Wii have the most games that I want to play.



10do: Thank you very much for the interview!


Jenni Källberg: No problem!



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